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BANGLES - Gioielleria Momenti Preziosi

18k gold bangles exclusively unpublished and with unique shapes, embellished with precious stones or natural pearls.

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    18k 750/1000 gold women's bangles with precious stones, tennis type bangles, chain bracelets, rigid bangles to enchant with a contemporary as well as classic charm.

  • MAN

    18k 750 gold men's bracelets with precious stones or just solid gold for self-confident and brave men.


    18k gold bracelets for children, versatile and super light with lucky elements to always wish the best for your children.


    18k gold religious bracelets, you can choose rosary bracelets with white stones, rosary bracelets with black stones or stylized bracelets with crosses able to combine religious symbols with a modern design.


    Bracelets of natural pearls with clasps and inserts strictly in 18k gold, with harmonious and modern lines.