All our customers are protected by Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, n. 196
The privacy of every customer is very important for us, and for this reason we want to guarantee it 100%
1. We do not sell, transmit or share any sensitive data, such as personal information, to any external entity or any company.
 2. Personal data is protected with the best technological means.
3. Personal information is used to process orders and offer customers the best possible service.

Below are the details of the privacy policy in use. For more information or specific questions please contact Momenti Preziosi by e-mail or phone.

Collection of personal information

Momenti Preziosi collects information about its customers through:
1. Registration form, necessary to be able to have access to shipping information, and to be able to process orders.
2. The "log" of online services, which record browsing on the site and are collected both for security reasons and to offer targeted suggestions and proposals, in order to improve the customer experience on the site.
3. The return data from e-mails that are periodically sent to customers who have accepted to receive the newsletters, and possibly the return data of the e-mails destined to have more information about an order placed

"Cookies" management

Momenti Preziosi uses "cookies" without expiry in order to recognize customers who return to the site, in order to further improve their experience. It is possible to cancel the "cookie" following the normal procedure of your browser.

In addition to the "cookie" without expiry, 

Momenti Preziosi can use temporary "cookies", which allow to better manage the user session while visiting the site.

Disabling "cookies" in the browser, some features may be compromised.

Use of personal information

The personal information collected is used to process purchase orders and to propose to the customer a selection of items that may be of greatest interest, based on statistical calculations or based on the opinion of customer service.
More visits to the site allow more information on the tastes and choices of the customer by the Momenti Preziosi, which involves greater precision in the proposals reserved for him, and in the activation of exclusive promotions. All in full compliance with customer privacy.

Do not share personal data with third parties

Momenti Preziosi does not share the data of its customers with anyone. For advertising or economic purposes it is possible that statistics are made on customers that can be transmitted to third parties, such as on the residence or on the type of browser most used by customers.

This information is made as a percentage of the collective, and will never contain any specific details of a single customer, such as addresses or names.
The customer data will therefore never be disseminated outside.

Protection of personal information

Momenti Preziosi invests annually in new technologies and human resources, in order to make the system more secure and reliable.

Access to personal information from customers
Each customer can change their data at any time by accessing their profile on the "my data" page.
The customer can request the complete cancellation of the account by sending an e-mail showing the desire to cancel his account.
The cancellation of the account implies the non possibility of making other orders in the future.

The data collected from logs and e-mails are not, however, accessible to customers and can not be deleted. For technical and security reasons, Momenti Preziosi must be able to provide the competent Authorities, in the event of a specific request, with all possible information.

Processing of personal data

Your personal and sensitive data are processed in compliance with the Italian Privacy Law.

The site is owned by Momenti Preziosi based in Biccari (FG) and, as the parent company, has full access to data, in full compliance with the privacy policies indicated above.